We are happy to share our data with other researchers. Our data is only for research purposes, unless stated differently. Please cite their respective publication(s) when using the data.

Stereoscopic 3D Image (S3DImage) dataset

Consists of 50 stereoscopic images collected from three sources: (1) Images captured with our stereo camera, (2) creative common images from, and images provided by Niu et al. (2012). We provide the following three formats for each image: Side-by-side view, anaglyph (red-cyan) view, separate left and right views.

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Islam, M. B., Wong, L. K., Low, K. L., & Wong, C. O. (2018). Aesthetics-driven stereoscopic 3-D image recomposition with depth adaptation. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 20(11), 2964-2979.