Visual Processing (ViPr) Lab is a research lab under the Centre for Visual Computing, Multimedia University. It resides at AR4004 in the Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI).

Research in ViPr Lab focuses on the processing, analysis and understanding of visual multimedia data, particularly images and videos. We work on computer vision, machine learning and AI techniques that are able to solve real-world problems and develop innovative applications for the benefit of science and society. Check out our projects, papers, reading group and blog!


We work on a wide variety of research areas, particularly in the following specific topics:

Computational Aesthetics
Video Surveillance
Deep Learning Applications
Micro-Expression Analysis
Stereo Retargeting and Recomposition
Activity/Event Recognition
VR & Gestures
Game Research


Prospective Students

We are always happy to hear from enthusiastic prospective students (postgraduate/undergraduate). We may have funded positions or scholarships from time to time. Please drop us an email (Dr. John See or Dr. Wong Lai Kuan) if you have any enquiries about our research or would like to join us.

Undergraduate students can also be part of the group by joining us on voluntary projects or on part-time appointment via research funding.


Please see our new page for news on vacancies!